May 2012

Bac2’s Murray to present paper on storage-stable phenolic SMC at Composites UK

Bac2, a polymer innovation company, announces that the company’s technical director, Dr. Graham Murray, will present a paper at the Composites UK 12th Annual Conference, 10th – 11th May, in Manchester, UK, entitled “Storage stable phenolic SMC enabled using novel latent catalysts.”

Today’s sheet moulding compounds (SMC) are predominantly polyester based due to the low cost and processability of the resins. Despite their superior fire properties, phenolic resole based SMC products are not commonplace due to problems of storage and processing.

Dr. Murray’s paper explains how Bac2’s novel latent acid catalyst formulations, prefixed ‘CSR’, overcome the storage and processing challenges to enable the economical production of resole based SMC with low fire, smoke and toxicity values. The catalyst allows storage-stable moulding compounds to be produced containing highly reactive phenolic resole based polymer binders. The resulting phenolic SMC can be formed into rolls that thicken, without the need for additives, to a consistency that allows easy cutting, stripping and moulding of a wide range of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) parts. The SMC rolls can be stored at ambient temperature for up to three months.

The paper demonstrates that a phenolic option for storage stable SMC is available and can produce mechanically strong, fire-safe products for many applications.

A short video demonstrating the use of the catalyst in phenolic may be viewed at: