February 2012

Bac2’s latent acid catalysts extend bath life and accelerate curing in industrial applications for phenolic resins

Bac2, a polymer innovation company, has discovered that its latent acid catalysts, originally developed to simplify handling and processing of moulding compounds used to make fuel cell components, are now being used in a growing range of industrial applications involving phenolic resins.

Using the CSR catalysts reduces the complexities and cost of handling phenolic resins and Bac2 has found a growing number of high-volume applications that were not envisaged during the initial development of the product. These include curing of resins in abrasives manufacturing and in pultrusion. Here, the maintenance of good flow characteristics after the addition of the catalyst, followed by rapid curing, increases productivity.

Bac2’s CEO, Mike Stannard, commented, “At a time when the UK government is focused on restoring the country’s credentials as an innovative manufacturing nation, it’s gratifying to see our products gaining export traction, including our first volume order from the United States.”

Using CSR catalysts, curing is achieved rapidly at 120 degrees C, or more slowly from about 50 degrees C. In some applications, the relatively low temperature curing is important in minimizing energy consumption, and hence costs.