June 2010

Bac2’s latent acid catalyst for low-temperature control 
of pre-polymeric mixes now available in solid form

Southampton, UK, June 7, 2010: Bac2, the cleantech materials and fuel cell components company, has expanded its materials portfolio to include solid CSR latent acid catalysts. The family of CSR catalysts, the subject of recently filed International (PCT) Patent Application No PCT/GB2010/050298, were previously only available in liquid form. They enable safer storage, transportation and processing of pre-polymeric mixes and the solid version is particularly suitable for blending into dry mixes or adding to non-aqueous pre-polymers.
 The problem with the most common latent catalyst salts are that they require too high a temperature to break down and release the acid, or that weaker basic primary and secondary amines do not associate with strong acids to form a stable enough salt to prevent premature catalysis after several hours.

Furthermore, high temperature processes are energy-hungry and expensive. The retarder in CSR latent catalysts decomposes rapidly at 120 degrees C releasing the acid, so it can be used to control acid catalysed polymerisation processes including phenol-formaldehyde resoles, furfuryl alcohol resins and amino-formaldehyde resins. These resins are used in the manufacture of laminates, composites in glass-reinforced plastics, foam insulation, abrasives and other products.