March 2009

Rendell appointed to head fuel cell R&D team at Bac2

Southampton, UK, March 19, 2009: Bac2, the fuel cell components company, has appointed Mike Rendell (32) to run the Bipolar Plate Development Team, reporting to Dr Graham Murray, CTO. Rendell will be optimising the performance of bipolar pates made from ElectroPhen, Bac2’s patented conductive polymer, to ensure that they meet the demands of a wide range of specific customer requirements. At present, primary applications for Bac2’s products are in polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells. Direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) and high temperature PEM cells will also be addressed. The plates interconnect individual cells within a fuel cell stack, channeling fuel in the form of hydrogen gas or liquid methanol to the electrochemical reaction, which produces electricity. They also conduct the electricity to the external electric circuit and manage heat dissipation in the fuel cell.

Rendell joins Bac2 from Voller Energy plc, where he was Chief Chemist, heading up the company’s fuel cell research programme. He was involved in taking concept research through to field-proven products and his experience spans fuel cell process engineering and control design. Rendell holds an MChem (Hons) and a PhD in Physical Chemistry, both from the University of Southampton.

Photo caption:

Mike Rendell joins Bac2’s fuel cell plate development team