January 2009

Bac2 shortlisted for Global Tech Showcase 2009

Southampton, UK, January 9, 2009: Bac2, the fuel cell materials and components company, has been shortlisted to apply for the Global Tech Showcase 2009. The event, which is held in La Baule, France, from June 3rd -5th 2009, connects 50 of the world’s most promising private technology companies with European technology leaders. It takes place in association with the World Investment Conference, a gathering of over 1000 business leaders, European officials and international media representatives.

Bac2’s chief executive, Mike Stannard, commented, “This invitation is further recognition of the leadership position we’ve established in the fuel cell materials and bipolar plates business. As the drive for greener energy sources continues, Bac2 is playing its part in making fuel cells a more economically viable technology.”

Bac2 manufactures bipolar plates for fuel cells using its patented conductive polymer, ElectroPhen™. These plates interconnect individual cells within a fuel cell stack, channeling fuel in the form of hydrogen gas or liquid methanol to the electrochemical reaction, which produces electricity. It can be used to mould the plates without resorting to high temperature required when using other resin-based materials.

Bac2’s technology has the potential to accelerate significantly the adoption of fuel cells by making them both more economical and easier to produce.