July 2008

Bac2 named as finalist for environmental award

Southampton, UK, July 29, 2008: Fuel cell materials company, Bac2, has been named as a finalist in the e-Legacy awards run by Electronic Product Design magazine. The industry awards promote corporate social responsibility among technology companies and the readers of Electronic Product Design are invited to vote for the winners in eight categories. The e-Legacy Awards are designed to celebrate the investments made by companies in terms of time, money and equipment to safeguarding the planet and its resources, and building for future generations.

Bac2 is a finalist in the “Investment in the Environment Award” for its ElectroPhen conductive polymer material. ElectroPhen is being used to make high performance, yet economical components for use in fuel cells. Fuel cells combine hydrogen with oxygen from the air to generate electricity and heat, the only waste product being clean water. They are the most promising technology for reducing CO2 emissions and many major automotive manufacturers are already running prototype vehicles that use fuel cells as their power source.

Winners will be announced at a luncheon at the Roof Gardens, Kensington, London, on Thursday 11th September 2008.

Online voting can be accessed at