February 2008

Bac2 to present UK fuel cell technology to Japanese audience in advance of Tokyo's Fuel Cell EXPO 2008

Southampton, UK, February 20, 2008: Fuel cell materials company Bac2 has been invited to present its technology to an influential Japanese audience by the Science and Innovation Section of the British Embassy in Tokyo in association with the Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technology Knowledge Transfer Network. The UK Fuel Cells Seminar 2008, organized by the embassy, takes place on the afternoon of February 26th, the day before the start of the worldís largest fuel cell exhibition and conference, Fuel Cell EXPO 2008, which runs from February 27th to 29th. The event is being held at the British Embassy, with registration at 13:00, and around 100 industry specialists are expected to attend.

Bac2ís unique conductive plastic, ElectroPhenô, is used to make bipolar plates for fuel cell stacks. Bipolar plates join individual cells together within a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell stack and are typically up to 30% of the cost such stacks. Making them from ElectroPhen delivers substantial cost savings without compromising performance. ElecroPhenís raw state conductivity is in one billion times higher than commonly used resins. It is used to mould bipolar plates in a very simple manufacturing process that scales easily for high-volume production.

ElecroPhen is thermally stable, resilient to the high temperatures created within fuel cell reactions and inert towards fuel cell catalysts and membranes. The basic raw materials for ElectroPhen are widely available from major chemical suppliers and curing is achieved at room temperature. The material is easily modified with plasticisers, reinforcers, and conductive fillers to enable the composition to be fine-tuned for individual applications.


Photo caption: Bac2ís ElectroPhen bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells.