August 2006

Dr. Ashok Vaidya to provide experienced development guidance to fuel cell innovator Bac2

Southampton, UK, August 23, 2006: Fuel cell materials innovator, Bac2, has secured the support of Dr. Ashok Vaidya as company mentor. Bac2 is in the process of commercializing its Electrophen conductive polymer, a material that promises to bring down the cost of bipolar plates and end plates in polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell stacks and make the stacks more rugged and reliable.

Dr. Vaidya brings 25 years of successful international business and technology commercialization experience to Bac2. He has a proven track record of managing intellectual property to create tangible value through product sales and licensing. Furthermore, he has experience as an operational managing director and executive chairman of high technology early stage companies. Dr. Vaidya has worked for EMI Central Research Laboratories and Thorn EMI New Business Ventures and was founder and main board director of Scipher plc. He is a Chartered Physicist with a PhD in Superconductivity and an MBA from Henley Management college.

Commenting on the appointment, Mike Stannard, Bac2ís CEO said, ìAshok will be a great asset at this stage of our work. As well as providing general mentoring support he will take a particular interest in our development program as we continue to play our part in bringing forward the adoption of clean energy sources through materials research and new product development.î