Bipolar plates made from ElectroPhen®: the most cost-effective material for easy prototyping and scalable, high volume production

ElectroPhen® is used in the manufacture of bipolar plates and end plates for PEM (low temperature and high temperature), DMFC, alkali and phosphoric acid fuel cell stacks.

Unlike those made from metal, ElectroPhen® plates are chemically inert, do not corrode, will not poison fuel cell electrodes and are rugged enough to withstand the harshest environments. They are made using a simple, 2-stage, mix-and-mould manufacturing process.

ElectroPhen® makes bipolar plates and end plates more economical; the unique mould-flow properties of the material mean that plates do not need post-processing after moulding (no surface machining or drilling) and materials wastage is minimal.

ElectroPhen® enables economical development work using fully moulded plates.

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If you use machined plates for development work and then switch to moulded plates for economy of scale in manufacturing, your run the risk of performance differences between the two types of plate extending development times and cost.

Using ElectroPhen®, it is economical to tool-up for relatively small quantities of plates, perhaps a few hundred, rather than a thousand or more. The use of tool inserts, which can be re-machined at much lower cost than producing a completely new tool, adds further flexibility to development work. The risk of inconsistency is eliminated because the performance of your production plates will match that of those used in development.

In summary, bipolar plates made from ElectroPhen® use a low-energy, fast, economical and scalable process that is equally suited to development and high volume manufacturing of fuel cell plates.

Standard or full custom products to accelerate fuel cell development

Bac2 offers blank bi-polar and end plates for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells as standard products. In addition, we provide a comprehensive customisation service.

Standard products

Standard blank plates are available in the following sizes (all dimensions in mm):

60 x 40 x 3
150 x 150 x 1
150 x 150 x 2
150 x 150 x 3
150 x 150 x 4
150 x 150 x 5
300 x 200 x 3

We also offer Serpentine Flow-channel plates at 60mm x 60mm x 3mm.

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The scalable route to high volume production

The process from prototyping to volume production of custom moulded plates is shown below. Exact time-scales are dependent upon plate complexity.